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BC Provincial Government Rings in the Year of the Dragon with Chau Luen Athletics

For the second straight year, Chau Luen Athletics had the privilege of performing in front of the BC Provincial Government at “Premier Eby’s 2024 Lunar New Year Luncheon”.

Kicking off the Year of the Dragon with a brand-new lion, we brought another spectacular performance that delighted our audience. It was an honour to be able to showcase traditional Chinese culture to top government officials and celebrate the new year together.

Awakening our new blue lion with an eye-dotting ceremony

As we brought one of our many new lions for 2024, the first step was a traditional eye-dotting ceremony.

David Eby and Tesicca Truong perform eye-dotting ceremony for lion dance

In short, the ceremony is an important part of “bringing the lion to life” – here, with the help of Premier David Eby and one of our students, Tesicca Truong, we dotted the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. We also dotted all down the back of the lion to fully awaken it and give it the power it needs to bring good luck and prosperity to all who watch.

Now, with our new lion fully awakened, it was time for another edge-of-your-seat performance by our talented lion dancing team.

The first of many lion dance performances for 2024

Even though the ceiling of the restaurant was a little low for our normal acrobatic lion dance routine, it was still a dazzling performance for all those in attendance.

Premier Eby, MLA Aman Singh (Richmond-Queensborough), and Elder Howard Grant all expressed their amazement with our lion dance team and many members of parliament felt the same.

It was also a pleasant surprise that the Premier came over to thank us personally for putting on such a lively performance.

Premier David Eby of the BC NDP with the Chau Luen Athletics lion dance team

As our first of many performances for the Year of the Dragon, it was a resounding success. And being able to show off our brand new bright blue lion in front of such an esteemed crowd made it the best way to kick off the 2024 lion dance season.

Chau Luen Athletics team photo at Lunar New Year show for BC Provincial Government

We look forward to all of our upcoming performances and have a few nice surprises in store for everyone who comes out. See you all soon!


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