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Chau Luen Athletics Group Photo

About Chau Luen Athletics

With decades of experience in traditional Choy Lee Fut kung fu, lion dance, and dragon dance, we’re excited to share our culture and wow your audiences with next-level performances. Here are some services our team offers.

Lion Dance

Lion dances are said to bring luck, fortune, and prosperity, and are often performed during weddings, business openings, and special holidays like Lunar New Year.

Chau Luen Athletics has been performing lion dances in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 50 years, being the first to incorporate high jumps and acrobatics to their routines.

Though lion dances are rooted in tradition, we pride ourselves in our modern, memorable performances by having options like LED lions or sending Vancouver’s very first all-female team.

Chau Luen Athletics performs a lion dance in Vancouver's Chinatown
Chau Luen Athletics performs a Lion Dance in Lunar New Year parade

Dragon Dance

The dragon is known as a symbol for auspiciousness, wisdom, and power in Chinese culture, and traditional dragon dances are said to bring good fortune to all those who witness it.

Chau Luen Athletics is known for its extravagant dragon dance performances in the Lower Mainland at parades, Canada Day celebrations, and banquets. The team also participates in the annual Fire Dragon Festival and various community events.

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

Chau Luen Athletics was formed to teach traditional Choy Lee Fut style kung fu in Vancouver. Aside from performing demonstrations, we work hard to ensure that we pass on our cultural heritage and teach valuable self-defence skills and discipline to any student who wishes to join.


We strive to be a positive presence in the community, both in Chinatown and beyond. With thousands of students having trained in our martial arts school and a core group of students that continues to grow, we hope to continue the legacy of the 7 generations of kung fu masters that have spread Choy Lee Fut since 1836.

Shawn Zhang performs Choy Lee Fut kung fu for Chau Luen Athletics
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