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Meet the Chau Luen Athletics Team

More than just a kung fu club

Chau Luen Athletics was founded in 1943, teaching hundreds of students in traditional kung fu, lion dance, and dragon dance. Our leadership team members all have over a decade of  kung fu experience, as well as years performing in lion dances and dragon dances. We pride ourselves on teaching traditional techniques, as well preserving Chinese culture through awe-inspiring lion dances and dragon dances at community events all across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


Senior Leadership

We can trace our kung fu lineage back to 1836, and through all those years, knowledge has been passed down over 7 generations. Our senior leadership is proud to continue training our students on the foundational techniques to keep the spirit of Choy Lee Fut alive.


Our next generation of highly talented Choy Lee Fut disciples have won numerous awards and competitions. They are devoted to passing on knowledge of our style of kung fu to new students, as well as being the anchors of Vancouver's best lion dance team.

Operations and Marketing

As talented as our performers and instructors are, we would be nowhere without our operations and marketing team. And yes, even they have years of martial arts and performances under their belt!

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