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A Sneak Peek at Our New LED Lions

Updated: Jan 28

Here’s one of the most exciting announcements we’ve had in a while! Chau Luen Athletics is the proud owner of some brand-new LED lions! If you’re interested in booking a lion dance in Vancouver for an event, this is guaranteed to bring the energy up a notch and be the cherry on top of any event.

How an LED lion dance compares to a normal lion dance

If you’ve seen any of our performances before, you know how much the crowd goes wild when the drums are pounding and the lions are performing acrobatic jumps in the air. Imagine the brightly coloured lions and glitter twisting and turning in front of all your guests.

Now, imagine them fully lit up!

We can’t show you what ours look like just yet (we’re looking forward to fully awakening them really soon), but the photo above shows a sneak peek of Shawn and Kyle, two of our disciples, setting up the first of many LED lions. Notice the 2 white strips running up and down the back of the lion head? We know. We're excited too!

Why we decided to get LED lions for our performances

At Chau Luen, we’ve been performing lion dances across the Lower Mainland since disco was still a thing. With that, we always strive to do them the traditional way. But with our LED lion dances, our goal is to add a little bit of modern flair to really impress your guests.

Shawn Zhang and Kyle Hui setting up a new LED lion for Chau Luen Athletics

The standard moves and tricks we do under the costumes will largely remain the same, but you can think of the costumes as going through a glow up (literally!).

“Debuting LED lions will be a first for Chau Luen Athletics, and this achievement is owed to our students who are at the core of each performance's success,” says Michael Tan, head instructor of Chau Luen Athletics.

“Beyond its material value, this 'shiny new toy' promises not only to bring an additional level of excitement to our eye-catching performances, but also to strengthen our commitment to community service and the preservation of Chinese culture and tradition.”

With weddings getting more elaborate and companies wanting to really impress their clients and employees, we thought it’d be fun to add even more style to our already flashy performances.

How to order your own LED lion dance in Vancouver

Ordering an LED lion dance isn’t any different than ordering a normal one, but the way that the lions will glow and shine will make your wedding, corporate function, or even birthday lion dance one for the ages.

Shawn Zhang and Kyle Hui putting the finishing touches on Chau Luen's brand new LED lion

Even if you want a lion dance in a dimly lit club or a back alley in one of the seedier parts of town (we do not recommend this), we’ll be glad to light up the night. We can totally picture it – all of your guests will be scrambling for their phones to capture a once-in-a-lifetime video moment!

How much does an LED lion dance cost?

An LED lion dance will usually cost more than a normal lion dance.

As with all of our bookings at Chau Luen Athletics, there are a lot of details that are taken into consideration when we’re coming up with the final price – we will work with you to make a fully customizable show for any event. These factors include things such as number of lions, distance travelled, event space restrictions, and type of lion dance requested.

That being said, LED lion dances are considered as premium services, and to ensure that we can maintain these lions for years to come, there will be a slight increase in price if you choose to go with an LED option.

Interested in learning more? Click the button below to get in touch with us. We will do everything we can to make your next event a bright and memorable one.


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