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For over ten years, Shawn has been committed to practicing kung fu. And throughout those ten years, Shawn has had the privilege of learning kung fu from those more committed than him. Under Sifu Mike Tan, Sifu Frank Lee, and Sigung Peter Wong, Shawn has not only learned the value of commitment in kung fu, but also the meaning of commitment to others.

He considers it a relationship, like the ones built in the community every Chinese New Year Parade. Many of Shawn’s relationships with the community and with his friends have been built in Vancouver’s Chinatown throughout his 9 years of lion dancing in the neighbourhood.

Beyond the gates of the Chau Luen Tower where Shawn practices Choy Lee Fut, he’s just like everyone else. A common person striving to achieve uncommon feats whether it be on the water paddling in a canoe, in front of a computer writing code, or sitting at the dinner table with his family.


Kung fu experience
11 years
Lion dance experience
9 years
Dragon dance experience
4 years

Shawn Zhang

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