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Join date: Jul 5, 2023


Marketing and SEO Manager

With over 5 years of martial arts experience under his belt (with a specialization in Taekwondo), Jonathan joined Chau Luen Athletics seeking new challenges and a solution to curb his weight gain. In addition to this, he also wanted to connect with his heritage, and with the club’s decades of experience in both lion dance and dragon dance, he felt it was a perfect match both physically and culturally.

With years of kicking targets and breaking boards under his belt (as Taekwondo’s focus is all on kicks), he felt that “leg day” had gone too far. With the balanced style of Choy Lee Fut, it would make for a great complement to the skills he already possessed and make him a more complete fighter.

In terms of lion dances and dragon dances, he was always impressed with the athleticism involved since seeing them performed at parades and weddings, but never really gave a thought to actually performing on a team until he “accidentally” became a member of the Chau Luen dragon dance team (you’ll have to ask him about that one). Aside from dragon dances, he also specializes in percussion, setting the rhythm for some of the most talented lion dancers in Vancouver.

Outside of martial arts, he works as a professional copywriter, editor, and marketing manager. He previously volunteered as the Director of Operations at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and he also enjoys other manly activities such as hiking, enjoying pretty much any sport, and attending girly k-pop concerts.


Marketing and SEO Manager
Kung fu experience
6 years
Dragon dance experience
1 year

Jonathan Lee

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